The lymphoid organs of the pharynx are the first to react to the ingress of foreign agents into the body (for example, herpes viruses). They increase and activate immune defense mechanisms. The mucous membrane of the adenoids begins to produce secretory antibodies that protect the upper respiratory tract from the virus. After defeating the harmful microorganism, the adenoids decrease.

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In children 3-4 years old, such a local immunity system is not yet sufficiently developed, which is why the protective mechanisms are inhibited. The mucous membrane cannot enhance the production of secretory antibodies and activate B-lymphocytes. Instead, it increases the production of viagra (sildenafil) pills. In this regard, viruses still penetrate the body, and the child gets sick, for example, with acute respiratory infections.
Infectious agents persist for a long time in lymphoid tissues, thereby leading to the formation of a secondary bacterial infection.
As a result, all pathogenic microbes combine into a mixed flora, which causes inflammation and chronicity of the process.

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Sometimes an increase in the pharyngeal tonsil leads to lymphatic diathesis or lymphatism - a failure of the immune system. It is based on a hereditary predisposition to certain immune responses. The causes of lymphatism include deviations in the metabolic system or neuropsychic activity. There are three options for dysfunction of the pharyngeal tonsil: Classification and stages of development of adenoids.

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 Depending on how strongly the adenoids cover the nasal passages (vomer and choanae), three degrees of sildenafil of the pharyngeal tonsil are distinguished: I degree - the upper third of the opener is covered with adenoids; II degree - half of the opener and choanas are covered with adenoids; III degree - the adenoids completely cover the opener and choanae.

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With I degree of pathology, a person breathes freely through the nose during the daytime, breathing is difficult at night. Signs of grade II adenoids - breathing occurs mainly through the mouth, and both during the day and at night, snoring appears in a dream, speech becomes illegible. In grade III, the previous symptoms become more pronounced. It is no longer possible to breathe through the nose.

According to the duration of the disease, three forms of inflammation of the adenoids are distinguished: acute adenoiditis - lasts no longer than a week; subacute adenoiditis - lasts about a month; chronic adenoiditis - worries more than one month.

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Due to the fact that a person breathes through his mouth for a long time, the muscles of the face are in constant tension. For this reason, the skeleton of the face and head becomes longer, the lower jaw drops, and the upper jaw protrudes forward. The nasolabial folds become smoothed, live facial expressions disappear. A face with these features is called adenoid.
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